Michael Skrodzki MA.MFT.

(Lic.# MFT30227)

 Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment/ Recovery
 Counseling and Psychotherapy in San Rafael / Marin County for
Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Behavioral Addictions  (415) 488-9836


alcohol and drug problems, dependence, problem drinking, prescription drugs ,cocaine, marijuana , opiates abuse, for abstinence, sobriety, recovery support, AA involvement and guidance , for behavioral and process addictions, compulsive gambling. eating, spending, sex, porn.  

Substance abuse and dependence -be it alcohol, prescription medications, opiates, stimulants, Cannabis(the perennial drug of choice in Marin) , and behavioral addictions such as sex, gambling, over-spending, or even work-  are vexing conditions that affect all areas of life in glaring or subtle ways. They act like soil depletion, stunting lifelong development and growth.
Even if you have not yet experienced obvious physical, emotional, financial, legal, or social consequences of your addiction,  it is a safe bet, that your life has been on hold in some of these areas.
Now, that you are considering doing something about your addiction,  it is critical that you take action soon."Just Saying No" and going it alone are rarely enough.  How often have the good intentions of the morning yielded to cravings and urges, as the day passed ?-

I have helped people with addiction issues for over 25 years,  in residential, outpatient, and private practice settings.  My approach differs from the one-treatment-fits-all strategy of more conventional group-oriented programs.  I will meet with you individually, and design a recovery program tailored  to your particular needs, strengths and challenges. Together, we will also identify and address the emotional issues that may underlie and fuel your addiction
If appropriate, we will meet w/ your spouse, partner or other family members on occasion. If outpatient treatment is not a good option for you, I'll refer you to the best local residential facilities. I believe, it is a historical myth that successful treatment of alcoholic drinking and other addictive behaviors always requires being "locked away" in a residential setting.  Research has shown, that the length of, and commitment to treatment,  are far more important for success than the intensity of the program ( NIA, 1999).  Therefore, I initially meet with clients 2-3 times per week, and later taper down to what feels right, and for as long as needed.

Recovery from addiction is ultimately about much more than freedom from drinking, drugging, or other compulsive behavior.  It can be the starting point of an exciting journey: the rediscovery of your true self  -no longer mired in guilt and shame-  and the reclaiming of your birthright to live your full potential as a human being.
Breaking the cycle of addiction is not easy, but most likely less difficult  than it may feel to you right now.  Don't put it off... again. 

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